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Hearthstone Quiz – Un’Goro Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the new installment of the Hearthstone Quiz. If you want to test your knowledge about the game, it’s a perfect place for you. In this article, I will ask you some questions about cards, their mechanics and interactions. I’ll start with the easy questions, but I’ll gradually move to the harder and harder. Let’s see how much points you can score in the end.

This time I’ll focus solely on the Un’Goro. It means that every question will have something to do with one of the cards from the latest expansion. Un’Goro is still pretty fresh, so you might discover some of the things you didn’t know before!

I will divide the Quiz questions into 3 difficulties – Easy, Medium and Hard. 4 Questions in each category. If you want, you can count your score! Each Easy question awards 1 point, Medium 2 points and Hard 3 points. It means that you can score up to 4 + 8 + 12 = 24 points. Enjoy!

Hearthstone: Impact of the Upcoming Arena Changes – Standard Format and Rarity Distribution

Yesterday, Blizzard has announced changes to the Hearthstone Arena. They will come along with the nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws, which are mostly targeted at Constructed and won’t really affect Arena that much. Arena news, however, is huge for anyone who plays that mode. Here is a quick summary of what’s going to happen:

  • Arena gets changed from Wild format to Standard format
  • Commons and Basics will be offered less often, in that place we’ll see more higher rarity cards (especially Rares, but also Epics and Legendaries)
  • Spells will show up more often
  • Neutral Classic cards will show up less often
  • Abyssal Enforcer and Flamestrike will show up 50% less often (compared to the other cards from the respective categories)

All 5 points (but especially the first three) are very important to how the new Arena balance will look like, but also to how Arena will feel like. But what does it mean exactly? Are we going to see even more Mages? Or maybe another class will start dominating? Let me try to answer some of those questions.

P.S. The card scores were provided by the HearthArena. The scores of some cards will obviously change with some cards rotating out etc. but they should still be good enough for the current theorycrafting.

Hearthstone: Everything We Know About the Year of the Mammoth


Big news ahead. Just recently, Blizzard made a big announcement about the next Standard year – Year of the Mammoth. In about 2 months, Year of the Kraken will be no longer and we’ll welcome the new Azeroth Zodiac sign. Introduction of Standard was one of the biggest changed to Hearthstone ever and it seems like this year’s rotation will be just as exciting.

In this article, I’ll compile and summarize everything we know so far about the changes coming to Hearthstone. I’ll update it every time we learn something new, so you can always stay up to date with all the Tweets/blue posts etc.