Hello everyone and welcome to the new installment of the Hearthstone Quiz. If you want to test your knowledge about the game, it’s a perfect place for you. In this article, I will ask you some questions about cards, their mechanics and interactions. I’ll start with the easy questions, but I’ll gradually move to the harder and harder. Let’s see how much points you can score in the end.

This time I’ll focus solely on the Un’Goro. It means that every question will have something to do with one of the cards from the latest expansion. Un’Goro is still pretty fresh, so you might discover some of the things you didn’t know before!

I will divide the Quiz questions into 3 difficulties – Easy, Medium and Hard. 4 Questions in each category. If you want, you can count your score! Each Easy question awards 1 point, Medium 2 points and Hard 3 points. It means that you can score up to 4 + 8 + 12 = 24 points. Enjoy!

Difficulty: Easy (1 point)

Question #1 – What happens when you use Aldor Peacekeeper on your opponent’s Tar Creeper (assuming no other buffs/debuffs)?

Answer #1

Question #2  If you play Volcanosaur and get the Taunt adapt, does it count for the Fire Plume’s Heart?

Answer #2

Question #3  What happens to your Hero Power when you play second copy of Dinomancy (after you already have the Hero Power changed)?

Answer #3

Question #4  What happens when you try to target Swamp King Dred with Big Game Hunter?

Answer #4

Difficulty: Medium (2 points)

Question #5 – When you play Adaptation on The Voraxx, do you get one or two (separate for the main body and 1/1) Adapt choices?

Answer #5

Question #6 – If you play Envenom Weapon on the Death’s Bite, will the Deathrattle clear every minion it damages?

Answer #6

Question #7 – Your opponent is as 5 health with a single 1/1 on the board and you play Free From Amber. You can pick between Charged Devilsaur, C’Thun and Ragnaros the Firelord. Which minions have the highest chance to kill the opponent (if any)?

Answer #7

Question #8 – What happens when you use Terrorscale Stalker on Sherazin, Corpse Flower?

Answer #8

Difficulty: Hard (3 points)

Question #9 – You have Grimscale Oracle, Hydrologist and Murloc Warleader on the board. You play Sunkeeper Tarim. What will be the stats of each minion?

Answer #9

Question #10 – You play Mana Bind and then Counterspell. Your opponent plays a spell next turn. What is the outcome?

Answer #10

Question #11 – Paladin plays Primalfin Champion and buffs it with Silvermoon Portal. Then Priest plays Power Word: Shield on it, steals it with Shadow Madness and runs it into another minion to kill it. What spells does each player get back (if any)?

Answer #11

Question #12 – You have a minion on the board. You play Getaway Kodo and then Spirit Echo. Your minion dies (on your opponent’s turn). What exactly happens to it?

Answer #12


That’s all folks! I hope that you’ve enjoyed the new quiz with Gadgetzan interactions. Remember about the scoring – 1 point for each Easy question, 2 for each Medium and 3 for each Hard (24 in total). Please share your scores in the comment section!

Remember that some of the weird interactions might not be intended, they might be caused by bugs or they might get messy in some updates and work a bit differently depending on the build. If you’ve encountered that one of the answers isn’t correct, as in the interaction in the game works differently, let me know. A proof would be handy, but not necessary – I can test it myself most of the time.

If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. And if you want to be up to date with my articles, you can follow me on Twitter.

Good luck on the ladder and until next time!