Hearthstone Quiz – Un’Goro Edition

Hello everyone and welcome to the new installment of the Hearthstone Quiz. If you want to test your knowledge about the game, it’s a perfect place for you. In this article, I will ask you some questions about cards, their mechanics and interactions. I’ll start with the easy questions, but I’ll gradually move to the harder and harder. Let’s see how much points you can score in the end.

This time I’ll focus solely on the Un’Goro. It means that every question will have something to do with one of the cards from the latest expansion. Un’Goro is still pretty fresh, so you might discover some of the things you didn’t know before!

I will divide the Quiz questions into 3 difficulties – Easy, Medium and Hard. 4 Questions in each category. If you want, you can count your score! Each Easy question awards 1 point, Medium 2 points and Hard 3 points. It means that you can score up to 4 + 8 + 12 = 24 points. Enjoy!

Hearthstone: Impact of the Upcoming Arena Changes – Standard Format and Rarity Distribution

Yesterday, Blizzard has announced changes to the Hearthstone Arena. They will come along with the nerfs to Small-Time Buccaneer and Spirit Claws, which are mostly targeted at Constructed and won’t really affect Arena that much. Arena news, however, is huge for anyone who plays that mode. Here is a quick summary of what’s going to happen:

  • Arena gets changed from Wild format to Standard format
  • Commons and Basics will be offered less often, in that place we’ll see more higher rarity cards (especially Rares, but also Epics and Legendaries)
  • Spells will show up more often
  • Neutral Classic cards will show up less often
  • Abyssal Enforcer and Flamestrike will show up 50% less often (compared to the other cards from the respective categories)

All 5 points (but especially the first three) are very important to how the new Arena balance will look like, but also to how Arena will feel like. But what does it mean exactly? Are we going to see even more Mages? Or maybe another class will start dominating? Let me try to answer some of those questions.

P.S. The card scores were provided by the HearthArena. The scores of some cards will obviously change with some cards rotating out etc. but they should still be good enough for the current theorycrafting.

Hearthstone: Everything We Know About the Year of the Mammoth


Big news ahead. Just recently, Blizzard made a big announcement about the next Standard year – Year of the Mammoth. In about 2 months, Year of the Kraken will be no longer and we’ll welcome the new Azeroth Zodiac sign. Introduction of Standard was one of the biggest changed to Hearthstone ever and it seems like this year’s rotation will be just as exciting.

In this article, I’ll compile and summarize everything we know so far about the changes coming to Hearthstone. I’ll update it every time we learn something new, so you can always stay up to date with all the Tweets/blue posts etc.

Gwent: King Bran Queensguard + Discard In-Depth Guide


Alright, this time around I need to write about it fast, before another Hotfix is released and nerfs Skellige again. I really hope not, because Queensguard-related decks are the most fun decks I’ve played in Gwent so far! I’ve got really bored of Radovid after hitting rank 15 and I’ve tried to make some Skellige decks work for the last few days. Sadly, it wasn’t that easy and I just fell down a few hundred rating points. But today, I’ve played the deck for the whole evening and got my rating back. I’ve played around 30 games with the deck and got 70% win rate in the end (21-9), which is really solid.

So, a new patch was released yesterday. You can read the full patch notes here, but I’ll focus on explaining the changes that are important to this deck. First, King Bran‘s ability was buffed and now can discard up to 3 cards from the deck instead of 2. It means more deck thinning and more things you can get into your Graveyard on turn 1. That’s seemingly a small change, but it matters A LOT in the game. Then, Draigh Bon-Dhu was reworked again. It has 4 base strength and adds 3 base strength to 2 units in your Graveyard. While the effect is worse than it was before (affecting whole Graveyard), it lost all the tags – it’s not Relentless or Fleeting anymore, meaning that you can Decoy it and resurrect it. I don’t play Decoy, because I don’t think it’s really worth it with the new effect (and it’s really hard to fit it), but the fact that you can resurrect him with Sigrdrifa (and then possibly with Restore -> Sigrdrifa again) it means that you can add TONS of base strength to your Queensguard (or any other card you want to add Base strength to). On top of that, Ermion was reverted back to his pre-nerf state and he once again DRAWS first and only then you choose which cards to discard. That’s a huge change and Ermion is once again a staple Skellige Gold.

And so, the deck is back in action with a few small changes – for example, it’s not worth it to play Cerys right now, because Ermion is just simply better. After playing 12 games with it so far But once again, I go through the card choices, mulligan, strategy etc. so read more if you want to learn how to play this deck!

Edit: After playing the deck a bit more, I’ve just hit top 100 with it 🙂

Gwent: Rank 15 Radovid Control In-Depth Deck Guide


I’ll be honest – before the patch I thought that NR might be dead after all the nerfs. But instead of dying, it just came back to its roots – Radovid Control was the strongest NR deck when I’ve started playing (I remember Philippa being completely broken back then) and it seems to be one of the strongest meta decks right now. To be fair, close to 50% of my ranked opponents have been exactly Radovid. There are few variations of the deck, but most of them share a similar core.

I’ve finally hit rank 15 two days ago, starting from around 3,300 MMR. I’ve peaked close to top 100 playing this deck only. The deck is very consistent and has no terrible matchups in the higher ranks. In this guide I’d like to go through the card choices and talk a bit about strategy and how to play it. I feel like it’s a great deck choice for anyone who wants a working Control deck or a competitive deck in general. I hope you’re going to like it!

P.S. Deck list was created by the GumGumFacePunch. I’ve also tried the Ruben & Dunkoro’s version, but I personally prefer the first one.

Gwent: Queensguard Skellige Deck Guide

Edit: So… I was in the middle of writing this guide when the news about nerfs to the Queensguard deck hit me. I’m still going to finish it, because I think that the deck is viable even after the nerfs, but I have to say that anything besides Draig Bon-Dhu’s change was pretty unjustified.


As you all probably know, Nilfgaard patch for Gwent was just released. It added a new faction, a bunch of new cards for the classic four and A LOT of balance changes. Among those changes were buffs to the Queensguard-based Skellige archetype (now some of which were reverted…). Two most important ones were Draig Bon-Dhu’s buff and changes to the King Bran’s Leader Ability.

Draig Bon-Dhu is now fleeting, relentless and gives +2 base strength to every unit in your graveyard. And given how much Skellige interacts with own graveyard, that’s A LOT. Now, the second change might be even more interesting. The thing about Queensguard build is that it was only successful where you could pull out all 3 Queensguard consistently in round 1. Standard mulligan can only get you so far and you rarely ended up with all 3 Queensguard in your graveyard unless you were running a heavy discard archetype. Old King Bran’s Leader Ability added a little bit of consistency, but at the cost of card advantage. The new one, however, allows you to put any 2 cards of your choice from your deck to your graveyard any time you want. It means that you now only need to get a single copy of Queensguard and pull the other 2 with the Leader Ability.

I’ve peaked at ~3550 rating (around top 300) after the nerfs. The deck is not as powerful as it was before, but it’s still very playable.

Below I’ll show the deck list, explain card choices, write a bit about the combos and general strategy.